Carnifex Brood

Carnifex Brood

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Одна модель. (Половина оригинального набора)

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Carnifexes are living engines of destruction – towering monsters of unyielding armoured chitin and knotted alien muscle. They are one of the toughest and deadliest of all a hive fleet’s warrior creatures, their thunderous charges akin to a living battering ram, able to crush enemies and smash through obstacles with ease.

This fantastic value set contains 2 Carnifexes which you can assemble in a variety of poses and multiple weapon options. Each Carnifex comes with two pairs of scything talons, a pair of crushing claws, deathspitter, devourer, stranglethorn cannon and heavy venom cannon. There are 5 alternate heads and the tail has the choice of thresher scythe or bone mace. You can even make the legendary Carnifex ‘Old One Eye’ should you wish.


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